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About Passage Co

We are making the unknown known and the impossible possible.

With a focus on empowered education, we are facilitating the movement of a global workforce to support diversity in the workplace and strength in the Australian labour market.

We would love for you to join us on our journey.

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Why we started

We started because we saw a need. There is awesome talent all over the world, and we have a skills shortage in Australia. This sparked an idea!

Passage Co was created as an end-to-end service to open Australia to the global workforce. As your multidisciplinary talent partner, we will source awesome talent to fill the skills shortages in your business. Problem solved.

Our approach

We are changing the way business is done. With reduced risk and increased diversity, Australian businesses will be stronger than ever.

We are making the unknown known and the impossible possible. It’s an exciting time to be us.

Our Purpose

To change the conversation about access to talent in Australia.

By empowering Australian businesses and individuals to make great, informed decisions that support them to meet their most important goals.

Our Mission

To facilitate at least 1000 connections between the global workforce and Australian businesses by 2025.

In doing this, we will help Australia build a stronger, more diverse workforce that supports economic stability and our place on the global stage.

Our Values

We want to make a positive impact on society and be socially responsible.

We will design solutions, educate our clients, focus on the human experience, act with kindness, integrity and honest, and celebrate uniqueness always.

End-to-end Talent Delivery

Passage Co offers a simple, human centered solution for sourcing awesome talent and migrating them to Australia. Removing complexity for offshore-talent-curious businesses we commit to guiding your business through the Passage Co methodology.

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Diary of a Migration Lawyer

Tune in to get practical guidance from our CEO. She knows her stuff and wants to share that with the world.

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