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We are the recruitment & HR partner you wished for.

Migration Services

Passage Legal our in-house law firm do all the legal bits.

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Why we Exist

We are on a mission to facilitate at least 1000 connections between the global workforce and Australian businesses by 2025.

We are doing this by empowering Australian businesses and individuals to make great, informed decisions that support them in their life goals.

Recruitment and law are both traditionally not fun things to do deal with for most businesses. We are changing all that.

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How we can help
People Services
Passage Co gives Australian businesses a competitive edge in a tough labour market and connect awesome talent with great Aussie companies. We are just here to make your business be better and look good.
Finding awesome talent
Getting Australia ready
Onboarding, HR, legals
Ongoing compliance
Happiness at work
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How we can help
Legal Services
Our legal team are the experts in Australian work visas. I mean they do other things too - but, this is their cup of tea. From doing the reference checks to sending the visa grant - we are for all the middle-ey bits.
Australian work visas
Migration to Australia
Australian PR
Being a Sponsor
Migration advice
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Hey there. Te’fodal [te-fo-dal] (Welcome).

You have found yourself here because are you are global talent-curious. You have heard whisperings at a networking event that hiring talent offshore is the new cool thing to do. Business owners that you know are breathing a sigh of relief because all of their resourcing issues are solved. You want that to be you.

Enter, Passage Co (and its awesome connections, joy and multidisciplinary partnership).

About Passage Co
What We Do Differently

We’re here to make a
positive impact.

The global workforce can provide awesome talent to Australia’s pressured workforce. A stronger workforce drives economic stability and growth. We want that for Australia.


Sourcing skilled workers

Giving you access to talent from around the world.


Experts in immigration law

Lawyers managing the visa process from start to end.


Comprehensive relocation support

Building a welcoming and resourceful onboarding process.


Ongoing compliance

Keeping you compliant in a changing world.

Diary of a Migration Lawyer

Tune in to get practical guidance from our CEO. She knows her stuff and wants to share that with the world.

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